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Trevor King

Not your average upbringing.

A recent interview for INCU Edition Tell us a little bit about your childhood, we hear you spent a good portion of it on a boat in the Bahamas? I was born in Calgary Canada. When I was 8 months old my parents decided they wanted to sail the South Pacific. They bought a 60 foot sailboat and we left Vancouver, not having any open ocean sailing experience. We sailed for 28 days to Hawaii, then on to Sydney via the Cook Islands and Fiji. My brother was born in Sydney. His citizenship would later be the key reason I was allowed to get permanent residency in Australia. My first memories are playing on the beaches of Costa Rica and sailing through the Panama Canal. Most of my primary school years were spent on a boat sailing Central America and the Caribbean.
I was home schooled, which explains why I’m super smart. Ha. We moved back to Vancouver for high school. I left home soon after and travelled within Canada, spending snow seasons at mountains and eventually jumping on a plane to Melbourne when I was 21.

How did your experiences as a kid influence your taste for adventure today? I was raised sailing, swimming, spearfishing, scuba diving, exploring islands, living on a sailboat and going through class 5 hurricanes. Not your average upbringing. I never used to think it was special but it was. What this has done for me as an adult has really made me hungry for more in life. I get bored easy. I’m pretty restless so I always need a surf trip or any trip in the pipeline to make me excited about the upcoming months. It is great that sometimes I can combine work with those trips.

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